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smile and go on

well how do I say this..

I am lika a lot of girl on my own age, I have low self esteem ..

I dont expect people around me to be perfect, but I think I have to perfect before anyone wanna waist time on me .. I believe that Im to big, not pretty enough, not smart enough .. but as my mom always tell me " you think to much, and you should stop that"..but I don't think stop thinking is gonna solve my problem .. But there is no time to deal with my inner daemons with my busy schedule.. so instead of getting rid of all the bad things, ill just smile and go on, like nothings wrong, ´cause thats the easiest thing to do

Sep. 25th, 2012

Well .. it is raining again today ... typical Danish weather when it is fall. The sky is grey and the poring rain makes me think back to the warm summer I had in Rome and Paris. It makes me glad but also depressed. It makes me miss the summer and all the fun I had with the people closest to me. In Rome I had a romantic vacation with my boyfriend and in Paris I went Shopaholic with my best friend Caroline. All in all a perfect summer. And now... im sitting in my biology class and looking at the rain.. God I miss the summer ... all I have to look forward to today, is to get home and do my homework and go to sleep ... sophomore year leaves no time for anything ells but homework... well... one more year and then ill be done.. until I have to go to the university and study for another 5 - 8 years.. But in Denmark , you get paid to study, so that helps a bit.

Btw, Denmark is know for the beer, Carlsberg ( fantastic!!) , Niels Borh, low alcohol age ( 16), Arne Jakobsen chairs, Metallica (Lars Ulrich), Alphabeat (band), Lego ( well lego) and Caroline Wozniacki and Mads Mikkelsen ( bad guy for james bond)

C ya later ;P


Here the other day, a friend of mine said something that made me think " everybody is playing roles and are playing them so well, that they forget who they are". That made me think: am i playing a role and my friends are my audience?
I started thinking, and I am not yet sure, do i play a role ? do i say i like stuff to blend in? do I pretend to have self esteem so i wont seem weak ? all these questions and no awnsers...

But all this could just me my confusing teenage hormones messing with me, or maybe I am a mess.

Here in Denmark had the summer just ended, and it is dark when I get up, and already dark again at 8 pm. The leaves are falling of the trees and the rain is pouring down. It is kinda depressing, but there is hope! Autumn break is only 3 weeks away!

well .. this was my first blog ever made.. gonna be interesting to see, if anyone will notice it. Anyway I will be staring to use this as a place to blog my thoughts out, so I have a better overview ;P

Cya later ;P



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